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At a time when more and more of our rights as citizens are being challenged by our government, New Mexico has a congresswoman that has repeatedly stood against our constitutional freedoms. Heather Wilson's record on protecting the rights of her constituents has earned her horrible scores from groups that advocate for those rights.

Earlier this year Wilson voted to repeal protections by voting for HR 1261. Her vote allowed organization receiving federal funds to discriminate when hiring employees. Heather Wilson also voted for the US Patriot and has spoken in favor of the legislation that gives the government greater power to monitor citizens without their knowledge. For her votes she received failing grades from the Human Rights Campaign and The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda.

Here is what Wilson has done for our civil liberties:

  • Wilson voted against a motion to recommit that would outline that no provisions supersede state or local civil rights laws.
  • Wilson did not accept a non-discrimination policy for her congressional office.
  • Heather Wilson voted for the US Patriot Act.
  • She voted to allow employers receiving federal funds to discriminate based on religion.
  • The National Hispanic Leadership Agenda gave Heather Wilson an 18% on their congressional scorecard.
  • The Human Rights Campaign gave Heather Wilson a 0% for supporting human rights legislation.
Heather Wilson has a record of standing against civil rights protections.

For additional information:

Human Rights Campaign
National Hispanic Leadership Agenda
American Civil Liberties Union
Patriot Act Information

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