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Congresswoman Heather Wilson and Civil Liberties

One of the things that makes our nation truly unique is guaranteed freedoms for all citizens. It is now more important than ever for constituents to understand their representative's position on civil liberties and the protections of the bill of rights. Congresswoman Heather Wilson frequently votes against protecting civil liberties.

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Congresswoman Heather Wilson and Education

New Mexico schools are in need of more teachers, classroom and building repairs, additional recourses for libraries, and computers for students. With a state budget approaching $1.8 billion for education and financial troubles for states nationwide, federal assistance has never been more needed. New Mexicans need help from Congresswoman Heather Wilson, but they are not getting it.

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Our state desperately needs better schools, but our representative votes against education. She cut Title I funding by $4 billion and voted for a budget resolution that took $36 million from New Mexico social programs.
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